Monday, November 23, 2009

Ven Cluster: Black Ops - Dev Announcement

I've started my next project, titled "Ven Cluster: Black Ops" which is possibly more of a mouthful than it needs to be. It will be freeware, with a tentative release date of late February/Early March.

The first of a series of games to take place in the Ven Cluster, VCBO is a turn-based strategy game with action sequences, in which you will be able to direct a mercenary company of "Black Operations" specialists through the Ven Cluster Star Empire, working for the noble Houses of the Empire.

Features include:
  • Gameplay takes place over 29 star systems and inside the Emperor's Court!

  • The revolutionary new Porpoise engine, which procedurally generates a new story each time you play!

  • 19 different types of missions to embark upon!

  • 40 playable characters, each with their own stories, goals, and special missions!

  • Court intrigues between noble houses for you to meddle in, from secretive, hidden romances to cruel assassinations!

  • Continuity between games - help one noble become Emperor in one game and overthrow him in the next!

  • Unlockable character backgrounds to allow a new beginning each time you play!

Over the next few months as I create the game, I'll detail each feature and the design of the game each week here.

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