Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Star Tumbler

Star Tumbler

Synopsis: Star Tumbler is a puzzle-action game, with perfect information, no random elements, and “emergent difficulty”. It is also a single-button game. Achieve bronze, silver, and gold stars by beating the time!


Edit: Updated to fix crash errors on Nov 22/2009 - If you got the previous version, please redownload

Can you get under 1 minute on level 30?

Star Tumbler

Goals: The purpose of this game was to test out an idea of “emergent difficulty”. By emergent difficulty, I mean that the game gets as hard as the player wants it, and increases as the player plays.

Result: I'm somewhat satisfied. Star Tumbler does do what my goals intended, but I had imagined it to be more chaotic. It could be more chaotic if it were faster, but I'm not sure that's a direction I wanted to take this game.

Further Thoughts: I think there's a lot more I could've done with this game, and ideas I scrapped. If I come back and make a sequel, I'll be including things like tubes that change the star's speed and other level configurations.

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